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Photo by Josephine Klein

About Me

HI! This is me: a photographer who didn't mean to become a photographer, but LOVES that she ended up here! 

I got started with photography nearly a decade ago, capturing photos for my high school newspaper. My senior year I was the newspaper editor-in-chief and completed a senior project focused on photography, so I was quite literally always taking photos!

Then I went to college at Morehead State University, played soccer, and barely touched my camera. It wasn't until I transferred to the University of Kentucky in 2016 that I actually started taking photos regularly again. Two main events got me started: a friend's little sister planned a wedding in two weeks, and another friend's sister was getting proposed to and the soon-to-be fiancé wanted photos of the event! From there add in a bunch of grad photos, booking another wedding, second shooting for local photographers to gain experience, booking more solo weddings, and suddenly this little hobby of mine has become a real life business - Able Kind Photography, LLC.

Over the past five years I've shot close to 100 beautiful wedding days, and I've loved (and continue to love!) getting to capture the love between so many sweet couples.

I do still work full time as an electrical engineer at a firm in Lexington, KY while running this photography business in my spare time, which is fun - I work in two completely different worlds and I love them both. 


I was born and raised in Lexington, but since my wedding on July 20, 2019 I am officially a resident of Shelby County! My husband Kameron works as a high school math teacher in Jefferson County, so we decided to purchase a home in Shelbyville as a compromise. (He can continue teaching in Louisville, and I can work my full time job in Lexington while also continuing to capture photos for all of my Lexington clients!)

This business may have started accidentally, but what keeps it going is my love of people, my desire to serve, and a whole lot of hard work. I'm so thankful that I am able to exist in this space, and I hope you'll consider me if you're looking for a photographer! 

Photo by Katelyn Conn (Katelyn V. Photography)
Photo by Katelyn Conn (Katelyn V. Photography)
Photo by Lyndsey Boyd (Lyndsey A. Photography)
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